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Full body group workouts

Our team of trainers are on a mission to make you sweat and keep you motivated. Every workout is different and will focus on a combination of strength, endurance and fun! Get your whole body in shape with our challenging and varied 45 minute workout and get motivate by the trainer and your teammates! 

Bootcamp Programme

Haven’t done a workout in a while? No problem! We’ll adjust the level of the exercises to YOUR level. We know how important it is to rely on you teammates for support through tough workouts, so we have got your back.

We love to be outside, so all of our training sessions will happen in parks across the city.


  • A 45-minutes workout per session
  • Full-body group session
  • No experience needed
  • We adjust the level of the exercises to your own level
  • Combination of endurance and strength
  • Coaching of our experienced trainers
  • In parks outdoor across the city